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Home of Farmer Christian by the sea, recycling electronic currency like e-gold, Paypal including Credit Card and real dollars
into carbon offset projects you can watch LIVE on ODCC-TV! B SEEN @ Koala-Cottage.com! (Learn More)
Advertise and Carbon Offset yourself or your company simply buying blocks from our pixel grids
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Lifetime Pixels

Your image and link are active for a lifetimeLifetime Pixels above all others! These are 10 pixel x 10 pixel in size and AUD $1 per Pixel, A$100 per block for Lifetime display and activity. Check your exchange rate below as you may be surprised how far your dollar will be. Use Paypal, Credit Card or e-gold for Instant secure payment.

Price: AUD$100.00 per 10 x 10 pixel block (AUD$1. per pixel)

Premium Pixels

Your image and link are active for 12 months, a full year!These are our premium pixels that last 12 months displaying your image and link located below our Video and Interactive Chat window. NO FREE LINKS HERE!
All your contributions act as Seeds Of Faith that from this income, many plants and trees grow to restore Earth's Garden balance. God said also care for the Animal Kingdom, let us together create a place for animals, including birds and insects to live and eat. Meanwhile, our Brother site, OneDollarCarbonCredits.com is Conserving Land and creating Green Electricity with Carbon Offset, Internet Advertising - just like this, pixel ad system.

Price: AUD$10.00 per 10 x 10 pixel block (AUD$0.1 per pixel)

Paid and Free Main Pixels

Your image and link are active for two seasons known as six months2 Free Blocks Here! These pixels are blocks of 20 x 20 with two blocks available free per member (One Membership per Entity). To purchase larger block sizes pay only AUD $0.33 per block - Thats better than value, thats extraordinary advertising value. Your link and Image will remain for 182 days, thats half a year! Supply and Demand could reduce future purchases to Seasonal 90 days so take advantage now! You may have pixels on ALL THREE grids!

Price: Free for blocks with square less than 800 pixels and AUD$0.33 per 20 x 20 pixel block (AUD$0.000825 per pixel) for regions contain more than 800 pixels

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Click below to get free pixels. You may choose up to 800 free pixels.

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